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Welcome to the Pre-Health PostBac (PHPB) Program!

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Apply now – Rolling admission! Deadline March 31, 2021 if seats available.

The University of Florida’s Pre-health Post-Baccalaureate Program (PHPB) offers dedicated and motivated students an opportunity to complete comprehensive academic and professional preparation for admission to healthcare professional schools.

PHPB is an intense and rigorous two-year program that offers courses, step-by-step advising, professional development groups at a pace that aims to support holistic academic, professional and personal growth. Students develop the skills and competencies to be well-prepared for application to healthcare professional graduate school such as medical, dental and veterinary medicine. Once admitted, students receive an individualized academic plan. A professional development plan is completed in the first semester to lay out concrete steps students need to take to build an individualized competitive application.

Fall admission only. Applicants with pre-professional courses five or more years old and/or with less than a B should expect to repeat those courses as part of PHBP. The following categories of students will be considered:

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Baccalaureate degree (or higher) from a regionally accredited college or university.

Minimum cumulative and upper division GPAs of 3.0.

Clinical setting or other service related experience.

MAC1147 Pre-Calculus and CHM1025 Intro to Chemistry or approved equivalents with grade of B or higher prior to matriculation. Students may apply for admission and complete courses online or in residence through UF prior to beginning the program.

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PHPB is a two-year structured program.

Most courses are offered in sections created just for PHPB students.

This is a comprehensive and holistic program that includes non-science courses that assist you in developing academic skills, application skills, and professional competencies necessary for becoming competitive for admission to healthcare professional schools.

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Students in the PHPB program follow a defined schedule of courses. Students are expected to take rigorous courses loads of 15 credits per semester.

There are additional required courses unique to PHPB to assist with the development of knowledge and skills required for professional preparation.

Once admitted, an individualized academic plan will be completed for each student taking into account previously completed courses.

All courses five or more years old or with less than a B earned must be retaken.

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This step in your medical education represents an important and significant investment.

Tuition for the program is:

$400 / credit hour plus student fees
$525 / credit hour plus student fees for non-Florida residents.
Contact Student Financial Aid for further information. Let them know you will be classified as a post-bac student taking pre-requisites towards admission to graduate school.

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“One of the most important parts of UF’s PHPB is its ability to set the framework for what medical schools are expecting from applicants and how to achieve them whilst in the program. Its unique classes and advising showcase how much they really know about the application process. For me, the PHPB’s advising and mentorship are really where the program shines. I sincerely believe my access to Bobbi (Roberta Knickerbocker) changed the trajectory of my medical school career. After my first year of the program, she endorsed what I felt at the time to be my wild aspirations for medical school programs. The vote of confidence from someone with her knowledge of the field propelled me to continue making the most competitive application I could. Moreover, the quality of the PHPB’s basic sciences faculty and their eagerness to assist in my application was essential to my current success. For me, starting with a complete career change and little biomedical science background, UF PHPB’s preparation was worth every cent.”

Ricky Madhavan
2014 PHPB Cohort
Harvard Medical School