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Congratulations on your admission to the University of Florida’s Pre-Health Postbaccalaureate Program (PHPB)!

You are about to start an intense program with others pursuing similar goals as your own. You will be in small classes with just those in the PHPB cohort for your science and math courses.

Below is additional information that will assist you in preparing to start the PHPB program. Please read this information carefully. If you have questions, please contact PHPB.

A few bits of information:

1. PHPB Pre-requisite Courses

Some students are admitted with the requirement to complete Pre-Calculus (MAC1147) and Intro to Chemistry (CHM1025) or their equivalents with B’s or above prior to matriculating to PHPB. Students take these courses as non-degree seeking students in either spring or summer semesters. Where these are taken is predicated on whether you are admitted to PHPB as ‘ReStart or Career Changer.’

  • ReStart

If you were admitted to the ReStart program these must be taken at UF and completed with grades of B or above. Both courses are available online and in person.

  • Career Changer

If you were admitted to the “Career Changer” track you are encouraged to take these at UF, but they may be taken at another institution with prior approval. These must be completed with grades of B or above. Course equivalents must be pre-approved by the PHPB Director before enrolling at another institution.

To take the MAC1147 and CHM1025 at UF:

  • Your admission to PHPB must be completed.
  • Once you have been admitted to PHPB, please complete and submit the UF “Non-Degree—Special Program” application by going to Scroll to the “Non-Degree Application.” When completing the application, select: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and “Pre-Health PB Discount.”
  • Before you can register for these courses you must take the ALEKS placement test. This is found at one.uf under the “Registration” and “Placement-ALEKS” links. You must score 61-75% or above to take MAC1147. In the 46-60% range, you can complete the equivalent to MAC1147 by taking MAC1140 & MAC1114. If you score lower than 61%, please contact the PHPB Director.
  • You may take MAC1147 via Flexible Learning which is an online option with flexible start dates. Please go to: for registration information.
  • Contact the PHPB Director if you have any questions or difficulty. There are no guarantees that seats will be available.

To take MAC1147 and CHM1025 at another institution:

  • If you are taking these courses at another institution, they must be pre-approved by the PHPB Director for Upon completion, send an official transcript to the UF Registrar and an unofficial copy to the PBPB Director. These courses must be completed with a grade prior to beginning PHPB in August.

2. Gatorlink

Please be certain to establish your Gatorlink account by reading the instructions.

3. PHPB Academic Plan

An academic plan will be sent to you individually. Please review it, sign it and return it to the PHPB Coordinator via email within five days of receipt. This is the academic plan you will follow in PHPB. Discuss any possible changes with the Director prior to returning.

4. Financial Aid

Complete your FAFSA for UF Student Financial Aid (SFA). There is possible access to federal loans during the first year only. These do not cover full tuition. Any remaining tuition is out of pocket or private loans. Speak with UF SFA about your needs. You will need to tell them you are coded as LAS_PB4 and you are a post-bac student completing the pre-requisite courses for admission to professional graduate school. Once the cohort is complete the PHPB Coordinator will be sending SFA a final list of everyone in the cohort so they will have the information.

5. Registration

Each semester you will be registered for your courses by the PHPB Program Coordinator. Your courses will be in section separate from undergraduate students and you do not need to be concerned about seat availability.

6. Dates and Deadlines

Classes begin in August. See “Dates and Deadlines” for more information.

7. Holds

Upon admission and each semester, you will have holds placed on your records. Go to ONE.UF and under the “Holds” link read the corresponding text and get these removed.

8. Tuition

When you get your tuition invoice please be sure to review it carefully to make sure this charge is accurate for you specifically. There will always be a “LS REGISTRATION ADJUST hold on your records. I place that holds while you are in PHPB. Don’t worry about that hold.

9. Orientation

We will have an orientation on the first day of classes. This is mandatory. Not attending orientation will result in not matriculating to PHPB. Your classes will start in the afternoon.

10. Online PHPB Orientation

There is also an online PHPB Orientation with information regarding multiple topics. Click on the Canvas link. Sign in using your Gatorlink username and password and then look under the “Courses” link at the top of the page. Click on PHPB Orientation. Be sure to review the information under the “Assignment” link. Be certain you are familiar with the PHPB expectations.

PHPB is rigorous and intense. We want students to come prepared. In the PHPB Orientation information on e-learning there is an assignment that ALL PHPB students need to complete. Please complete the VARK. The information on how to access this is available to you via the assignment link. ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE VARK, BRING THE RESULTS WITH YOU TO IDS4930 PHPB SEMINAR.

The information on how to access these is available to you via the assignment link. ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE VARK, BRING THE RESULTS WITH YOU TO THE PHPB SEMINAR, IDS4930, about which you will receive information in August.

11. Campus Resources

A list of campus resources can be found here. To prepare for starting PHPB, please review the workshops and resources at the UF Teaching Center. THIS WILL CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR SUCCESS AT UF.

12. Extra-curricular Resources

One of the expectations of PHPB is that students will be engaged in clinical volunteering and community service while in the program. This fills quickly. I recommend you start looking for these for fall now. View the Pre-Health Resources to begin looking for places in Gainesville to do this. We will talk more about this during orientation. Information regarding orientation will be sent to you.

13. Federal Mandatory Insurance Requirement

Please review the information regarding Mandatory Health Insurance

Students in PHPB are enrolled in a non-degree seeking program and therefore are exempt from this requirement. However, you may need to address a hold and paperwork related to this requirement.

Proof of Comparable Coverage

1. Upon admission you will receive a one-time hold on your records where you acknowledge the federal requirements. You will remove yourself. Follow the directions in the paragraph of the hold.

2. Each semester you will need to check to see if you are being charged for insurance via your tuition bill.

3. If you want health insurance, just pay your tuition bill.

4. If you do not want the student insurance through the University of Florida, you will need to submit a waiver form online per directions.

5. Please monitor this each semester and submit another waiver whenever charged for the insurance.

6. Please be sure to let the insurance office know you are exempt from this requirement due to PHPB being a “non-degree” earning program.

7. If you have any questions, please contact the UF Health Compliance Office.

Please contact the Health Compliance Office for more information:
Health Compliance Office
1908 Stadium Road, Yon Hall, Room 249, Gainesville, FL 32611

Health Compliance Office Website