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Our mission is to empower and support college graduates who are interested in pursuing admission to a healthcare graduate school. We welcome students from all backgrounds and celebrate the diversity that non-traditional students bring to the university. As a student in the program you will experience a range of features that will help you on your path to success.

“As a Career Changer, the PHPB Program saved me precious time and resources. Instead of pursuing a second four-year Bachelors degree, the PHPB Program’s curriculum allowed me to complete the necessary pre-requisites in two years. I can confidently say the program’s rigor prepared me for the academic challenges of dental school. More importantly, the individual advising and mentorship I received helped me become a more desirable, well-rounded, and competitive applicant. Thank you PHPB for playing an instrumental role in helping me achieve my goal of attending the University of Florida College of Dentistry!”

Karley Post
2014 PHPB Cohort
University of Florida, College of Dentistry

* PHPB Unique Courses | IDS 4930

Pre-Health Seminar — 2 credits

The PHPB seminar seeks to explore some of the humanistic issues related to patients, professions and the self. Our purpose is to recognize and encompass the concepts of basic dignity afforded to all we seek to care for. The seminar utilizes narratives, case studies, media, the arts, and guest speakers to examine the human story in its interaction with healthcare. The goal of this class is to provide insights into the perspectives of patients and providers as they relate to issues such as culture, hope, uncertainty, death and dying. Students will be invited to read, think, and create to expand their understanding of how social, medical and humanistic realities shape world views, relationships and decision making.

Innovations in Healthcare — 3 credits

Students explore and practice steps in the design thinking process and problem solving as it relates to healthcare and its settings in the community. You will develop skills as ethnographers, visual thinkers, strategists, and storytellers through a hybrid of discussions and collaborative projects. Students are placed in community settings to identify and create solutions to an organization’s issues.

Bioethics — 3 credits

Medical Bioethics provides students with a very intensive review of the dynamic field of bioethics in the areas of medical practice and research. This course offers students the opportunity to learn about many biomedical ethics issues and the impact of these issues in medicine and research.

Health Equity in the U.S. and Abroad — 3 credits

This course is designed to introduce students to the various factors influencing human health conditions around the world. Current global health topics and country or region specific health issues will be the focus of the course.

Genetics and Health — 0 credits

PHPB students have the opportunity to attend, at no charge, (no credits earned) the UF, College of Medicine, BMS6003 Genetics and Health course coordinated by Dr. Brian Harfe. Dr. Harfe graciously invites PHPB cohorts to attend the class during fall semester so students get a sense of the excellence awaiting students at UF. The BMS6003 Genetics and Health course is the first course that 1st Year Medical students take during their training.

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Additional Information


One of the bonuses of the PHPB program is after admission but before matriculation students in the second year of PHPB are assigned to assist incoming PHPB student with some of the common questions students may have. PHPB looks to supports our students with the greatest of consideration and care.


Free tutoring for most math and science classes is offered to students in the program on a weekly or one on one basis. Tutoring is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged. PHPB hires a PHPB alum to assist with tutoring. This provides students with a tutor that knows what they are experiencing in the program.

Professional Development Groups

PHPB students meet on a monthly basis to develop the non-academic skills and competencies professional schools are looking for. This includes but is not limited to a review of entrance exam questions, reflective writing, health coping skills and communication skills. The PHPB Assistant helps to lead these groups and provides insight into the application process.

Small Interest Groups

Second year PHPB students take the lead in facilitating voluntary small groups such as a ‘Wellness Group’ providing some extra-curricular stress relief and ‘Journal Club’ to review research articles to help prep for the MCAT.

Individualized Advising

You will work with a pre-health advisor to develop an academic and professional plan that reflects your goals, interests, and unique background to help gain admission to a health profession graduate program.

Workshops & Events

Throughout the year we offer workshops and events to help you prepare.

Interdisciplinary Labs

Students in PHPB will take unique interdisciplinary laboratory courses that integrate multiple science disciplines into one learning experience. The “X-Lab” is a two-semester, inquiry-based laboratory curriculum focusing on major themes and concepts in biology, chemistry and physics with an emphasis on their integrated applications in modern, quantitative research.

Entrance Exam Preparation

PHPB includes an entrance exam course as part of the curriculum in the final spring semester.

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